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Anonymous: u r so beautiful! 

I’m not, but thank you! xo

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but I bought laxatives today. It was actually quite scary, because few people kept looking at me. 

I hope it works…

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Taking recovery serious this time, my first appointment on Wednesday, even if I don’t receive the help, I’m going to nourish my body, and yes that means increasing my calorie intake to 1800 (hoping to stop the urge to binge). I don’t particularly care if I gain weight, I just want to be happy and free.

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if anyone ever needs to vent, talk, or just need a friend, PLEASE contact me through my ask box. I will not post it publicly if you do not want me to. You are more than welcome. Nobody ever deserves to feel anything less than perfect, and I’ll help you realize that. Trust me, everything happens…

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